About Us

ClickDealer is a Global Performance Marketing Agency specializing in Cost-Per-Action campaigns (CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, CPS) and providing top quality services for online business growth.

We are ClickDealer

Global Performance Marketing Agency

We have rapidly evolved from an affiliate network specializing in CPL, CPI, CPA and CPS into a global marketing agency that now provides its clients with a wide range of advertising services. We differentiate ourselves by eliminating frustrations and obstacles for our partners and creating unparalleled level of efficiency.

  • Reputation

    Fairness, Honesty and Integrity with our partners. This is what makes our reputation.

  • Team

    We invest big in our team. People, Ideas and Knowledge are our key to success.

  • Quality

    Strive to performance excellence.
    We provide only top quality services.

  • Innovations

    Innovations in everything we do.
    It helps us grow faster.

We are meant
to be the best

Setting high standards of performance marketing services, ClickDealer is recognized as one of the industry leaders. We’ve been ranked as one of the best by Performinsider, mThink Blue Book and Mobyaffiliates. We've become partners with the big players of the market.

We work religiously

We are a dedicated result-driven marketing team known for out of the box mindset and hitting the targets no matter what. We build strong business relationships not ordinary partnerships. Brands trust us with their marketing campaigns and let represent their product and services.

We integrate seamlessly to continually exceed the expectations of our clients and keep surprising them with new technologies and techniques we constantly implement. Our committed support team provides services in 11 languages 24/7.

We have it all

  • We work with all existing monetization models available: CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, CPS, RevShare

  • We are dedicated to revenue generation in more than 18 different verticals

  • We provide a wide variety of offers covering all platforms (web, mobile, apps, social)

  • We operate in most lucrative verticals including Social Networking, Gaming, E-commerce, Travel, Nutra etc.

  • We constantly develop and implement new technologies within our robust platform

  • We run Loyalty Program and contests non-stop, hold Meetups